Are you a Google User? 12 features you should know.

Time to have a look on all the amazing URLs of Google services that you might not have used till now, but you will get amazed while you will use these services, So have a look on all these URLs in the below guide.

1- Android Device Manager

Through this website, one can easily trace the location of his/her lost Android Device if and only if they have made the feature enabled on their device before. You can also remotely delete the whole data of your lost device.


2- View and Listen to your Audio History

Check your all of the Google searches that you had ever made on your device through using your voice commands.The Google records every of your search command automatically so you can check that out from this URL.

3- Content Removal from Google

Found your content copied from some other website or blog, you need not worry just raise up the DMCA complaint with the Google, and if the culprit is found to be guilty, then the content shall be removed from that another website.


4- Checking all Saved Passwords

If you are using either Google Chrome or the Android web browser, then you should know that all your typed usernames and passwords for the accounts are saved by the Google which you can check as a plain text on this website.


5- Viewing the Google Web History

Check for all your web actions while using any of the Google services or applications in the Google Account under the My Activities option panel.


6- Recently Used Devices

You can also find up the Recent devices through which your account has been opened or used before through this service by the Google. To check your account details for recent devices, you can use up this link.


7- Backup Data

Want to keep your Google data safe? you can do that easily, and for that, you will just need to head out to the Google Takeout URL, and you can do that from there.


8- Google Map Location History

By using up the Google Map Location History service, you can find out your whole details for all your previous locations that you have either searched in the Google Maps or Google Now.


9- Google Security

Just head over to this link to make all your Google Accounts and services much safer by reviewing all your security settings.


10- Google Alerts

Just fill up some details for the products or company etc. for which you want to get alerts, and this Google service will do that for you.


11- Url Shortener


Found up any URL for the website but is too long to be shared easily, don’t worry as the Google URL Shortener is the tool offered by the Google. This tool just makes up the short length version of the same URL that reaches the same destination on clicking.


12- Managing Ads

Do you know Google creates your profile based on the websites that you visit by guessing your Age, Gender, and interests and then use this data to serve you relevant ads? Therefore, you can configure your interests and every other thing by Going to ads settings page provided by Google.


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