An app you shouldn’t live without

You probably have a bunch of apps on your smartphone to make your life easier. But do you realize that many apps have access to your personal information such as your contacts list and your GPS location? So what exactly do these apps do with your personal information?

While some apps keep your information private, some might share your information on Facebook, with the app developer – or places that the NSA  can find it.

Some let you opt out of sharing information if you know where to look and what to change. However, some apps automatically grab your data with no choice to stop them. Rooting out these apps one by one takes time, and you have to read the fine print to see if they’re a danger.

Luckily for you, I have an easier way to keep you out of trouble. The MyPermissions – Online Privacy Shield app scans the apps you use and will let you know which apps have access to your personal information and acting on your behalf.

Just download the app and click on the Scan Now button at the bottom of the screen. From here, you will see a grid with all of the apps and what information they use. Click on a box to get more information, then click on an app for its details. Here, you can chose to uninstall the app, trust it, report it, and otherwise tweak its settings to fix your privacy issues.

I do need to point out that some apps, like Facebook, do require some personal information to work correctly. You’ll just need to decide which apps you want to trust and which ones you don’t.

Some of these over-sharers may surprise you. Which apps have you discovered are sharing your personal information?  Leave a comment.





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