Can you trust your eyes? Try this

  • Participants asked to stare at white dot at the centre of the negative (get close to the screen)
  • After 15 seconds, glance at the white blank space to the right of the photo
  • The demonic figure transforms into a mans face – full-colour
  • Illusion is known as a ‘negative afterimage’ and caused by fatigue colour receptors in the back of the eyes and brain




This optical illusion is known as a ‘negative afterimage’ and is caused by cells located in the eyes, called ganglion cells, which send messages to the brain by coding – or identifying – colours in pairs of primary colours.

‘The code for all the hues we can experience in the light spectrum, this information is relayed from the back of the eye to the brain via three opponent neuron channels,’ Dr Juno Kim from the University of NSW School of Optometry and Vision Science told Daily Mail Australia.

Aside from the greyscale black and white channel, we also have a red and green channel and a third blue and yellow channel so that ‘we can code for any hue that’s in the environment’.

‘When you look at something that, for example, is yellow for a long period of time, you stimulate the cells that are positively sensitive to yellow – so in the yellow and blue channel,’ Dr Kim said.


Here is another “good sample”:

Focus in her nose (please… in her nose). After 15 second move the mouse over the picture. Even when this is a gray scale picture, you will see all colors for a while.

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