Flir One: turning your phone into an infrared camera

The biggest question with a gadget like this is: what can it do? The most obvious applications seem to be in home improvement and repairs. You could use the Flir One to identify or locate a leak, spot drafty windows and doors, and see through smoke and fog. Because of its ability to see in the dark, it could also be used as a security monitoring device. Flir is also launching an SDK program to let outside developers work on other ways to use the infrared technology, and there are already a handful of Flir-approved apps available at launch.

Impressive camera technology is only as good as the corresponding software. The Flir One app works just fine — it could be faster — and it hides a few clever tricks. For example, any time you measure the temperature when you take a picture, you can drag a crosshair icon around to read the temperature of other objects in that image after the fact. You can also drag your finger across each image and slide between the thermal and regular views. There’s an option to set a custom temperature range, too, which is helpful if you’re looking for specific variations in heat.

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