Florida Woman Tries to Buy Weed on Twitter, Gets Reply From Cops

Everything we thought we knew about drug deals has always dictated that purchases are arranged with burner phones or dark alley meet-ups. But apparently posts to Twitter work now, too.

One South Florida woman’s demanding tweet, “Somebody bring me weed. I’ll pay for it,” wound up getting a lot of attention Wednesday after the official Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Twitter account quoted it and replied with, “Where should we meet you?”

The original solicitation post by the Jupiter, Florida, resident reached about 500 retweets, but the funny, hey-how-are-you reply by the PBSO has already been retweeted more than 60,000 times.

Despite the light scare tactic by the cops, our jonesing tweeter still felt the need to let her new followers know that she was eventually able to score some green, writing that she “had to drive to it unfortunately.” That more incriminating post was, however, later deleted. And that was probably the smartest move she made.

Whether @Rosa_Sparkz knows it or not, implicating social media posts have been getting people thrown in jail for years. In 2013, a fellow Floridian’s Instagram feed, featuring stolen jewelry and weapons, got him brought in and charged with 142 felonies. And this year, a Brooklyn teen was arrested for threatening someone on Facebook with a post containing gun emojis.

Sure, in 2015 death threats and grand burglary are treated a little more seriously than petty drug deals. But our wise advice is that you keep all of your illegal activities off of social media, regardless of their potential for large or small punitive consequences.

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