How To Download All Instagram Photos (No password required)

Today there are more than millions user that are using Instagram in their smartphones a cool photo sharing app that lets you to follow someone or get followers on it. This app is popular worldwide and most cool features is its photo editing while uploading pictures to it. You can’t save instagram images directly as there is no save option there to save any picture in your device. But you can even download any picture or even complete album of pictures of any person on instagram. For this we have a method for How To Download All Instagram Photos Of Any User By One Click. Yes you can do this a with a very simple method that i have discussed below in this post.

The method is very simple and easy and just need a simple software to download all the pictures of any of the instagram user you want to save. You just have to follow some simple steps that i have discussed below.


1-First of all download and install the software Free Instagram Downloader in your computer.


2-Now launch the program in your computer and you will see screen like below.

3-Now you will see a option to add the user name of a person whose pictures you want to download in your computer.
4-Now write down the ID of the user whose pictures you want to download and hit Enter.
5-Now you will see the complete list of images of the user you had enter there. Click on download option there after every image.
Now the picture will start downloading and get saved in your computer and you can also download complete album of that user in your computer.


So above is all about How To Download All Instagram Photos Of Any User By One Click. By this you can easily download complete album of your best friends, celebrities and lots more you wish. Hope you like this cool instagram trick, don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below if you face any problem at any step.

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