Share text in a private and secure way

We are talking about, a service to share text in a save way.

The first thing you need to do is type a name for your encrypted text page.


After that you can start writing and sharing text using your URL ( in the example)

Why is it so safe?

  • Your password isn’t sent to our server – we can’t decrypt your text even if we wanted to. Only encrypted text is sent over the Internet.
  • No cookies, no sessions, no registration, no users tracking. We can’t identify you at all. We can’t know when the same user visits two different sites.
  • No logging in or out, just close the browser tab and you’re safe.
  • No ads – we hate ads because they can track you, and they’re distracting.
  • You don’t have to trust anyone or agree on anything – check the code yourself. All our code is well written and full of comments so that you can understand it in details – start by looking at main.js, and check communication with our servers.
  • If someone wants your text, he’ll need your password, but he’ll have to find your site first.

Overwrite protection

  • You can use the same sub-site from multiple browsers/devices at the same time, without having to worry about ever losing any changes.



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